Detailed Homes: Your Local, Trusted House Cleaning Service for Folsom & El Dorado Hills.

Detailed Homes originally opened in the Seattle area in 1986. Back then, our founder Jennifer Schwarzkopf, named the business Abracadabra! The idea at that time was to be the first listing in the phone book…boy, how times have changed! In those days it was just Jen and her two sisters who worked together because they loved house cleaning and the feeling of pride that comes from a job well done. With 25 years in the house cleaning business, Jen has become an expert in the housekeeping and cleaning industry.

Detailed Homes has been offering full service house cleaning services in the El Dorado Hills community since 2002. Now, instead of seeking to be first in the phone book…we strive to be the number one used, trustedand recommended housekeeping company in the area. That love of house cleaning and feeling of pride is still at the heart of our house cleaning business today. We believe this to be the reason we have happy employees and happy clients all over Folsom, El Dorado Hills and their neighboring areas!

House Cleaning Servicesfor Folsom, El Dorado Hills,&the Surrounding Communities

Our house cleaning clients in the Folsom and El Dorado Hills area prefer to spend their time doing activities other than house cleaning. For over 25 years, our trained house cleaning staff has provided superb, customized, detail oriented house cleaning services that give our clients freedom from household chores and time to do what they really want.

Detailed Homes realizes that trust is a precious thing and we strive to earn that from you at each and every house cleaning service. With trust comes loyalty and strong relationships. To us…that’snot just good house cleaning, it’s the only way to do business!

At Detailed Homes we believe in…

Great People. We hire great people who love house cleaning. We are only interested in applicants looking for this job, not a job. Our housekeeping personnel are carefully screened before hiring. We only consider those who have a strong, reliable work history and exceptional references. We offer above-industry standard pay for housekeepers along with incentive packages because we value our staff and the great work they do for our clients in the Folsom and El Dorado Hills area.

Exceptional Training. Our new employees complete a rigorous on-the-job training to become one of our Cleaning Specialist. We follow a 50-point detailed house cleaning list in addition to a rotating list of deeper cleaning tasks. Our Operations Supervisors rotate jobs with our crews to maintain high quality standards and provide our exceptional touch of service for our all of our clients.

Accountability. We carry complete insurance coverage for all of our house cleaning services to keep our clientswell protected. Our Cleaning Specialists carry our own, top-of-the-line house cleaning equipment and use environmentally friendly products to help keep our Folsom and El Dorado areas beautiful.

Happy Clients. The day after your initial house cleaning we call all of our clients to learn what we did well and what could have been done differently for your ongoing housekeeping service needs. This conversation allows us to customize and document your individual house cleaning services to insure we accomplish what’s important to you. We want each of our clients to be sure they are getting exactly what they want and are satisfied with what they are paying for.

After each cleaning we leave a copy of our 50-point check list with you that your Cleaning Specialists have followed, checked off and initialed during your session. This formhas a comment section for your feedback or special requests. If you choose to comment you can leave the form out for us to pick up at our next visit or simply mail it in to our office. You are always welcome to call or email our office at any time with question, suggestions, concerns or comments.

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